NAM must contribute to world peace

NAM must contribute to world peace

Indonesian Vice President Boediono (ANTARA Photo)

... The movement must become a power to create evenly distributable global prosperity...
Tehran (ANTARA News) - Indonesian Vice President Boediono said that the Non-Aligned Movement (MAM) members must provide bigger contribution to the world peace and promote political, social justice and democratization.

"The movement must become a power to create evenly distributable global prosperity so that there will be no longer country which lagged behind economic development," the vice president told the press here on Thursday.

The vice president made the remarks after attending the opening of the NAM Summit. The opening was also attended by Iranian Head of State/Supreme Religious Leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Boediono said that NAM has to realize the rule of creating prosperity if it was willing to maintain its relevance amid the world's dynamism and fast changes.

He said that NAM membership since its birth in 1962 had rapidly increased from 25 to 120 whose combined population accounted for two-thirds of the total population of the United Nations` member countries.

"NAM has served as the spearhead of the efforts to end colonialism and is consistent in its efforts to find peaceful solutions to the global conflict. And the important thing is that NAM must assure that efforts to improve prosperity must become a global agenda," he said.

On the occasion the vice president also pointed out that Indonesia has called for comprehensive reform of the UN Security Council on grounds that the UN body is no longer effective in solving global security problems.

"Indonesia has its own views on the need for reform of the UNSC as well as other institutions like the World Bank and the IMF," Indonesian vice president Boediono told reporters here on Thursday.

He made the statement after attending the opening of the Non-Aligned summit. Boediono said he would present a UNSC reform proposal during his speech at the summit on Friday.

"As a Non-Aligned Movement member, Indonesia has realised the need for improvement in global governance in order to boost political and social development and promote democracy," he explained. "Due to the weakness of the UNSC right now, crises in a number of countries have continued to claiming lives," Boediono added.

Referring to the conflict in Syria, he said: "Indonesia has seen the ineffectiveness of the UNSC in dealing with the crisis, which is still continuing." Boediono pointed out that that the UNSC had failed to broker an agreement between the conflicting sides.