Indonesian govt called on to meet domestic demand for gas

Indonesian govt called on to meet domestic demand for gas

Sohibul Iman. (ANTARA)

"It must be accurate, clear and transparent."
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - A legislator has called on the government to seriously allocate gas for domestic demand in line with the plan of further development of Train 3 of Tangguh gas field in Papua.

Lawmaker Sohibul Iman, deputy chairman of the Prosperous Justice Party Faction (FPKS) of the House of Representatives (DPR), said here on Monday that domestic demand for gas had continued to increase.

Demand for gas of industry has always fallen short of supply at home every year. Supplies are also small for generators and fuel-to gas conversion program.

He said that the present condition required the government to be apt in deciding priorities for gas supplies in the country. "It must be accurate, clear and transparent."

Iman said the reason why the electricity subsidy became big that forced the government to propose a power rate increase was because gas supplies to power generators fell short. This forced state-owned power companies to use fuels whose price was higher.

"Because electricity concerns the interest of the people the government should set standards for its priorities that served the interest of the public," Iman said.

He said that the government should also pay attention to the complaints of industries which often ran short of gas supplies, let alone if the government simultaneously raised the prices of gas and electricity.

Iman said that so far the use of natural gas at home only accounted for 44.48 percent, among others for fertilizers, electricity, industry, transportation and liquefied petroleum gas.

On the other hand gas exported reached 55.52 percent.

"But the planned additional 230 Millions Metric Standard Cubic Feet per Day (MMSCFD) from Train 1 and Train 2 of the Tangguh gas field and 38 MTPA from Train 3, is expected to meet the domestic need for gas," he said.***3***


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