Two terror suspects to be handed to Densus 88 soon - (d)

Two terror suspects to be handed to Densus 88 soon - (d)

Photo document of police patrol in Poso, Central Sulawesi. (ANTARA/Zainuddin MN)

The two were arrested in different place and time.
Palu (ANTARA News) - Two terror suspects involved in the shooting of four police officers in Central Sulawesi on Dec 20 will soon be flown to Jakarta for questioning at the police anti-terror unit Densus 88, a spokesman said.

"The two suspects, identified by their initials as S and M, are being questioned at the Central Sulawesi provincial police. They will soon be handed to the Densus 88 for further legal process," chief of the provincial police Brig. Gen. Dewa Parsana said.

Parsana said the police had strong evidence pointing to their involvement in the attack on the Mobile Brigade (Brimob) police officers while conducting a patrol in Kalora village in Poso, Central Sulawesi, last week.

Three police officers were killed in the attack while another died after receiving two days of treatment at a local hospital.

The two were arrested in different place and time, Persana said.

The police also suspected S of being involved in the murder of two police officers at Tamanjek hamlet in Central Sulawesi on October 8 when he acted as a supplier of logistics to an armed group, he said.

He said M was arrested on charges of supporting arm logistics to the armed civilian group that attacked the Brimob officers at Kalora village last week.

A joint police military force is still chasing the civilian group that had run into the jungle after conducting the attack.

The police have so far questioned 15 villagers in connection with the incident in an effort to seize the attackers.