Stroke disease kills 196 people in Riau in 2012

Pekanbaru, Riau (ANTARA News) - In 2012, 196 people had died from stroke in Riau. Medical treatment conducted by the provincial Arifin Achmad general hospital had failed to prevent the deaths, said the hospital`s spokesman.

"Even doctors could not prevent the deaths caused by stroke," said Arifin Achmad general hospital`s spokesman, Dra. Yulwiriawati Moesa, on Tuesday.

According to her, from January to November 2012, 196 deaths had been recorded. So, the number is likely to rise.

As many as 25 people had died in April 2012. In October, 23 people had died from stroke and in November, 24 people had died from the same disease, she said, adding that stroke occurs due to neurological disorder caused by sudden blood supply to a part of the brain that disrupts blood circulation to the brain.

People who suffer from stroke are mostly those who belong to middle and upper classes.

Previously, the Indonesian Neurologists Association (Perdossi) had planned to have an online registration of stroke patients in hospitals across the country in 2013, so that information can be collected with regard to the number of patients who suffer from brain-related diseases.

"The online registration of stroke patients is also known as stroke registry, available in eight hospitals in Indonesia," said the Head of Perdossi, Dodik Tugasworo, on Tuesday.

The stroke registry is a joint program initiated by Perdossi and the Health Ministry to understand the number of stroke patients in Indonesia.

Therefore, the information collected of the stroke patients is only the tip of the iceberg, said Tugasworo, who is also the Head of the Neurology Medical Functional Staff (SMF) of Rumah Sakit Umum Pusat (RSUP).

The stroke registry will allow information about stroke patients to be available nationwide, he said.

However, the system contains data of stroke patients who have registered themselves at hospitals. There are still many people who cannot afford to seek treatment at hospitals.