Moving capital worth considering: expert

Banjarmasin, S Kalimantan (ANTARA News) - Social scientist Prof Nirwono Yoga of the Trisakti University, Central Kalimantan, said that the discourse in moving the capital city from Jakarta to Palangka Raya was worth considering.

He said the capital city could be moved from Jakarta to Palangka Raya, Central Kalimantan, so that the central government would not be affected by floods.

"Probably former president Soekarno was right when he raised the discourse to move the capital city to Palangka Raya. Each time Jakarta is flooded with waters, Palangka Raya just remains safe," he said.

He said Palangka Raya City was located on a hilly area far from floods with a good canal system. "But the discourse on moving the capital city to Palangka Raya which happened to resurface several years ago is no longer raised now," he said.

Former president Soekarno once had the idea to move the capital city to Palangka Raya in the 1950s because he saw that Jakarta would be no longer be ideal to serve as a capital city in the future.