Yudhoyono hopes Geneva conference to end Syria conflict

Yudhoyono hopes Geneva conference to end Syria conflict

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (www.setkab.go.id)

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono expressed his hope that the Geneva Conference, which will be participated in by warring parties in Syria conflict, could produce solution to end the country`s civil war.

"On this occasion of Isra Mi`raj (Prophet Muhammad journey to the sky) celebration, lets we pray together that the Geneva Meeting which will be held in the near future can be implemented smoothly and result in an everlasting peace for the people of Syria, Lebanon and the whole Muslims all over the world," said Yudhoyono in his speech in the State Palace, here, Friday evening.

Yudhoyono said the condition in Syria is still very tense. He hoped that the conflict would not become a prolonged civil war.

Previously, President Yudhoyono sent letters to several members of the United Nations Security Council to decide resolution to end the Syria conflict.

President`s Special Staff for the International Relations Affair Teuku Faizasyah said the letters were addressed to several permanent members of UN Security Council.

"The letters were addressed to the permanent members of UN Security Council," Faizasyah said.

Yudhoyono as quoted from the social media Twitter said his side had sent a letter to UN Security Council in supporting the immediate resolution to end Syria conflict.

"As the condition in Syria is worsening and could spread to the region in Middle East, the President has sent a letter to the UN Security Council," said the Twitter message.

He added the UN Security Council should conduct collective approach to ease the tension in Syria, particularly to save civilians.

"Yudhoyono also asked five permanent members of the UN Security Council who have veto rights to provide political solutions for Syria," the Twitter message added.

The Syrian Observatory for the opposition side noted, on May 2013 there are at least 82,000 persons died and 12,500 people were vanished in the two years civil war.

Meanwhile, the Syrian Government loyalist data noted that there are 16,729 soldiers and 12,000 militants that supported President Bashar Al Assad were died.

Besides, 2,500 government`s soldiers also disappear and predicted being arrested by the civil rebellions.