RI, Singapore to extend cooperation on broadcasting

Singapore (ANTARA News) - Indonesia and Singapore will extend their cooperation on information and communication sector as the two countries have many new projects to work on among others in the broadcasting field, a Singaporean official said.

"We have many new projects to work on. For example, we are now developing the collaboration with Indonesian officers in the broadcasting field," Permanent Secretary of Singapore's Ministry of Communication and Information, Aubeck Kam, told ANTARA here Thursday.

Earlier in the same day, Aubeck Kam also made the remarks welcoming the Indonesian delegation to the 4th Information and Communication Joint Committee taking place in Singapore on 5-6 September, 2013.

According to Aubeck Kam, what Indonesia and Singapore do has a lot of impacts to ASEAN and other regions like in the work of spectrum management, especially in the information and communication sector.

"We see this as a good sign to strengthen the relationship between the two countries because we can coordinate what we do to make available the spectrum," he said, adding that when people travel from one to another country in ASEAN, they were able to enjoy the best technology in the sector.

Thus, he said, the most important thing is that the two countries' officials and broadcasters should continue to work together because at the end it would strengthen the people to people relations in the broadcasting field.

In the future, Indonesia and Singapore will have many things to do with digital television and all the countries will also work hard for television broadcasting, he said.

"When we implement these things in coordinated actions, all the countries can benefit from the additional spectrum that we can do like broadband and mobile services," he said.

In the broadcasting field, Indonesian and Singaporean broadcasters will learn from each other in facing both challenges and opportunities to find powerful ways and advantages to reach their audiences.

He set as an example that a music fesitvity organized by the two countries` broadcasters with the latest broadcasting technology could bring more people together.

"And it does not happen only once in a year as on the other days of the year, we have Indonesian contents could be viewed by people in Singapore, and Singapore's contents are for viewers in Indonesia," he said. (*)