Indonesia ranks second in poor sanitation

Solo, Central Java (ANTARA News) - Based on the data published by the United Nations (UN), Indonesia ranks second in poor sanitation, said Johan Mantik, Assistant Brand Manager for Vixal & Domestos at PT Unilever Indonesia.

Speaking at the World Toilet Summit on Wednesday, Mantik cited the data published by the UN that of 250 million people in Indonesia, 100 million do not have access to proper sanitation.

He said according to the data, 63 million others do not have access to proper toilets, leading to the rampant outbreak of diseases and serious economic losses.

"Even the toilets in most schools across the country are in a terrible condition. All related parties, including teachers, students, and parents, should pay attention to this," Mantik said.

He noted that only 55 percent of Indonesia`s total population has access to healthy sanitation and proper toilets.

"We have to pay serious attention to school toilets in order to create a healthy and hygienic environment for the students and teachers," he said.

He added that PT Unilever`s Brighter Futures` project has embarked on a campaign that will raise awareness on the importance of functioning and hygienic toilet facilities in schools. It has invited members of the public to donate toilet rolls to schools in need.

He said the campaign aims to assure parents that their children`s school toilet facilities are adequate, clean and hygienic, with sufficient toilet paper in the cubicles.(*)