Mozambique to invest in clean energy

Mozambique to invest in clean energy

Illustration of bio energy campaign. (

Biofuels are of great interest to Mozambique..."
Maputo (ANTARA News/Xinhua-OANA) - Experts from Mozambique and abroad are gathering in the Mozambican capital of Maputo starting from Monday, to discuss strategies for producing clean energy in order to reduce pollution and costs in the import of fossil fuel.

Mozambique is looking forward to take advantage of the Brazilian experience to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by producing ethanol based on sugar cane.

"Biofuels are of great interest to Mozambique, the reason why the government concentrates part of its work to mobilize the community to cultivate plants such as Jatropha to boost biofuel production, and bring down the import of fossil fuels to the country," said Jaime Himede, the countrys deputy energy minister.

The initiative is also meant to encourage farmers to produce enough not only for domestic consumption, but to huge quantities that could also be allocated for the production of biofuels.

"We can take advantage of the rural experience to produce biofuel, bio-gas and also food and we can also work to produce energy with agriculture waste like those used in the production of sugar cane," said Maria Rebaue, the representative from Brazil on bio-energies.

The meeting in Maputo has drawn representatives from Latin America, Asia, Europe and Africa.