House agrees on Indonesia-India extradition bill

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Members of Indonesian House of Representatives have agreed on the Indonesia-India extradition bill to be passed into law after the plenary meeting held here on Tuesday.

Deputy House Speaker Priyo Budi Santoso noted that all the members have agreed that the bill should be passed into law.

Chairman of the Houses Commission I overseeing security and information Mahfudz Siddiq said that the agreement on the bill reveals a serious support to establish law enforcement on transnational crimes.

The agreement is considerably important to counter transnational crimes among the two countries, Mahfudz said.

"With the passing of the bill, criminals evading charges and investigation will be punishable in the country where the crime is committed," Mahfudz added.

Mahfudz pointed out that development of science and technology, especially transportation, communication, and information technologies, has provided a positive impact for the human lives, but also has created negative impact such as transnational crimes.

"Multilateral and bilateral cooperation relationship is required to prevent such criminal acts," Mahfudz added.

With the extradition agreement, it is expected that the law enforcement and eradication of the transnational crimes in Indonesia and India will be a win-win solution.