Missing mountain climber found alive

Gorontalo (ANTARA News) - A mountain climber reported missing in Mount Pilomatea in Bone Bolango District, Gorontalo Province since Aug 17 was found alive.

Ramdan Ibrahim (20), a law student of the state University of Gorontalo, was found by a rescue team near a rive, 1,400 kilometers above the sea level on Tuesday.

Ramdan is safe but he was weak, therefore, he was evacuated to the village of Ilomata, Junaidi, leader of the rescue team said.

From the village of Ilomata, Ramdan was driven to the city of Gorintalo to be treated at a hospital, Juanidi said.

Ramdan was missing on their way back from the mountain peak where they hoisted the national flag, the Red and White, in celebration of the Indonesian Independence Day on August 17.

He was separated from his group of climbers when he slipped and fell to a ravine and he lost his way.

He survived by drinking the river water before the rescue team found him on the last day of searching on Tuesday. The team started the search on Aug 19.

There were 42 natural lovers in a number groups started climbing on Aug 15. He was known to be missing only after it was found that all had returned excepting him.