DPD proposes Oesman Sapta`s name for MPR`s leadership

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Regional Representatives Council (DPD) has proposed the name of Oesman Sapta for the leadership of the People Consultative Assembly (MPR), DPD Chairman Irman Gusman said here on Tuesday.

"We are proposing a name (Oesman Sapta) for MPRs leadership, and the name has been selected through deliberations within sections of the DPD," he said.

He remarked that Oesman Saptas name was chosen through the internal selection mechanism of the DPD.

"If there is another name, then that will get the sanction of the DPD," he said.

According to him, Oesman Sapta had a good track record as compared to eight other candidates considered by the DPD.

He observed that Oesman had many supporters within the DPD that proposed his name for MPRs leadership.

"Oesman has many votes as he had been deputy speaker of the MPR," he affirmed.

He noted that the Plenary Session of the Assembly could reconcile the Red-White Coalition with Jokowis coalition.

He said the proposal of the DPD was acceptable to the Red-White Coalition and the Great Indonesia Coalition.

"Hopefully, this moment will see the reconciliation of the Red-White Coalition with the Great Indonesia Coalition," he emphasized.

He expressed hope that the DPD, the Red-White Coalition and the Great Indonesia Coalition will together oversee the next government.(*)