Condition of suspected ebola patient in Indonesia shows improvement

Condition of suspected ebola patient in Indonesia shows improvement

Photo document of GN, patient suspected Ebola Virus Isolation Room Hospital treated in Kediri , East Java , on Saturday (November 1, 2014) (ANTARA/Rudi Mulya)

Kediri (ANTARA News) -- The condition of 45-year-old GN, a patient suspected to be suffering from Ebola, showed improvements after he was quarantined in the regional hospital of RSUD Palem, Pare, East Java, a doctor said.

"The results of todays examination showed that the condition of the suspected Ebola patient was stable in terms of his vital signs, including blood tension and body temperature of 36.9 degree Celsius," a doctor treating the patient, Harnowo, stated here on Monday.

The patient neither experienced any hemorrhage or diarrhea, nor does he feel sore due to body aches now, Harnowo added.

The doctor further noted that the 45-year-old was still being treated in the isolation room as a precaution as he returned to Indonesia from Liberia only recently and is feared to have contracted the Ebola virus.

Authorities of RSUD Pelem in Pare of Kediri District are still awaiting the laboratory test results.

Also, the patients family is still prohibited from visiting him in the isolation room of the hospital.

GN was one of the 28 Indonesian migrant workers who returned to Indonesia from Liberia on Sunday (October 26).

He was admitted to the hospital after he ran a high fever and experienced pain while swallowing and sore muscles, which are all similar to symptoms of Ebola.

Earlier, another Indonesian migrant worker, who was feared to have contracted the Ebola virus, was treated in Madiun, East Java.

On Saturday (November 1), the laboratory test results of the 39-year-old patient, known by his initials as Muk, showed that his thrombosis count was low. He was also suffering from a kidney ailment.

According to his last diagnosis, the patient was confirmed to have malaria, Dr Sjaiful Anwar SpJP, who is the head of the medical service department at Dr Soedono Regional Hospital where the patient is being treated, said.

However, as he had returned from an Ebola-afflicted region in Africa only recently, he was feared to have contracted the virus and was being treated in accordance with the WHO standards. These included the use of special protective gear by the medical personnel treating him.

In addition, the doctor stated that the hospital was coordinating with Dr Soetomo Hospital in Surabaya, the provincial capital of East Java, to monitor the patients condition.

Before returning to Indonesia, Muk was quarantined in Liberia when he ran a high temperature.

Upon arrival at Soekarno-Hatta Airport in Jakarta, he was quarantined for a day before being allowed to leave for his home village in Madiun.

Five days later, he had high fever again and was referred to Dr Soenono Hospital where he got admitted.

(Reporting by Destyan Hendri Sujarwoko/Additional reporting by Slamet Agus Sudarmojo/Uu.A059/INE/O001/KR-BSR/O001