Japan to establish four biodigesters in Bandung

Japan to establish four biodigesters in Bandung

Ridwan Kamil (ANTARA FOTO/Agus Bebeng)

Bandung, W Java, (ANTARA News) - The Japanese government is set to assist the Bandung city administration by granting four units of biodigester equipment to handle waste treatment in the region.

"The government of Japan is very committed to assisting in the environment sector, including in ways to process waste and handle related problems. They will establish biodigesters at four locations to facilitate waste management in Bandung city," Mayor of Bandung Ridwan Kamil said here on Saturday.

The Japanese government aims to set up 30 biodigester units in Bandung, Kamil stated, adding that a Japanese delegation had visited the city and met with the local administration to discuss the waste management project.

The mayor added that as a follow up on the program, a project team from the Bandung administration will hold a meeting in Japan next week.

"By operating biodigesters, the accumulation of garbage in Bandung will decrease as the amount of garbage will also fall," Kamil explained.

A Japanese delegation led by Chief of Japanese Environmental Sanitation Center Okumura held a meeting with the Bandung administration, wherein sanitation and waste management through the establishment of biodigesters was discussed.

A biodigester will decrease the amount of garbage dumped in Bandung, Kamil observed, adding that a team from the Bandung administration will visit Japan next week to follow up on the project.

The mayor further noted that the main goal was to lessen the amount of garbage collected by bringing about a change in peoples habit of littering and enhancing regulations that involved the government.

He added that improving infrastructure facilities by cooperating with third parties was also part of efforts to manage waste in Bandung.