RI, Austria to restore Affandi`s artworks

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Indonesian government and the Austrian Federal Government have agreed to cooperate to restore paintings of the Indonesian renowned painter Affandi.

"We have sent an expert from Austria to Yogyakarta to examine the artworks that need to be restored," Austrian Ambassador to Indonesia Andreas Karabaczek stated here on Tuesday.

He also proposed an idea to modernize Affandi Museum, which is located in the Special Territory of Yogyakarta, by applying green building concepts.

The Vice Presidents Deputy Secretary for political affairs, Dewi Fortuna Anwar, expressed optimism that the cooperation between Indonesia and Austria could also lead to training sessions on the restoration of artworks.

She admitted that several museums in Indonesia are not well maintained.

The governments capability to maintain the museums is limited, so it requires the involvement of the private sector, Anwar added.

"There should be a public-private partnership in addition to the cooperation with foreign governments," she said.

Affandi, who was born in Cirebon in 1907, is one of the world figures of modern painters in Indonesia that adheres to pure expressionism. He was one of the founders of the Union of Indonesian Painters (Gabungan Pelukis Indonesia).

According to Affandi Museums official website, the museum stores and exhibits the works of art from Affandi with the aim that people can enjoy the artworks and be inspired by the spirit of the painter.(*)