Indonesian fishermen to celebrate Fisherman`s Day through various activities

Indonesian fishermen to celebrate Fisherman`s Day through various activities

Photo document of fishermen at Samudera Port, Lampulo, Banda Aceh, Aceh. (ANTARA/Ampelsa)

Fishermen should become the master in their own waters."
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Indonesian traditional fishermen across the country will hold various activities to celebrate National Fishermans Day 2015 on Monday.

They will hold the activities in various regions focusing on how to improve the welfare of fishermen who are still suffering in poverty.

"Fishermen will simultaneously observe the National Fishermans Day 2015 across the country such as in Banda Aceh, Buton, Manado, Semarang and Jakarta," Secretary General of the Peoples Coalition For Fishery Justice (Kiara) Abdul Halim said here on Monday.

He said that the celebration of the fishermans day was intended to push the government to protect and improve the welfare of Indonesian fishermen.

Thus, he said, the theme of the event reads: "Protect and Improve the Welfare of Indonesian Fishermen."

He reminded that the government of Jako Widodo - Jusuf Kalla had announced its maritime axis development concept and since then, the marine and and fisheries issues had always attracted the attention of the people.

The people continue to pay attention to measures that the government has taken since early this year such as trawl use ban, foreign boat sinking and cases involving fishing ships crew members.

"But with the current conditions of Indonesias marine and maritime, have the Indonesian fishermans welfare been improved?" he questioned.

He said the fact in the field was that fishermen, fish breeders and coastal preservation workers still lacked protection and still lived in poverty.

Halim is of the view that fishermans condition was even worsened by fuel oil and basic necessities price increases.

Earlier, the Indonesian Traditional Fishermen Union (KNTI) has expressed hope that the government would optimize its efforts to empower fishermen in various regions in Indonesia so that they can become the master at their own homes.

"Fishermen should become the master in their own waters," KNTI Chairman M Riza Damanik said in Jakarta on Sunday.

For this purpose, KNTI called on the organizations of fishermen and cultured fish farmers to continue increasing their participation in development of the Indonesian marine resources.

"Building the capacity of fishermen in the fishing sector is the key to success in fighting illegal fishing in the country," he said.

He said that without the participation of fishermen, efforts to fight illegal fishing would only end in pragmatic works and wasting of funds such as what had happened in the previous governments.