Pertamina cuts LPG price in E Java

Surabaya, E Java (ANTARA News) - State oil and gas company PT Pertamina has lowered the price of non-subsidized liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in 12-kg cylinders at an agent level in East Java by Rp6,400 to Rp133,300.

The drop in LPG price will take effect on September 16, along with the declining global oil prices, Assistant Manager of External Marketing Operation of Region V Heppy Wulansari said in a press statement released here on Tuesday.

"With the change in LPG price, the selling price of LPG in 12-kg cylinders at the level agent in East Java ranges from Rp133,300 to Rp137,100," she said.

LPG prices at the consumer level in several districts and municipalities in the province will vary, depending on the distance between the supply point or depot location and consumer residence, she said.

To anticipate LPG price disparities among the districts and municipalities, the company has set retail price at gas stations which serve as an outlet for LPG in 12-kg, she said.

"The move is aimed at enabling the gas stations to play a role as a barometer for the price of LPG in 12-kg cylinders as well as to anticipate the possibility of retailers setting LPG price illegally," she said.(*)