Chief legislator calls for legislation for state defense proposal

"The idea is good, but a legal umbrella needs to be prepared first," Mahfudz Sidik, the chairman of the House of Representatives` Commission I, said.
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - A chief legislator has called on the government to prepare the legislation first before implementing its plan to appoint state defense cadres.

"The idea is good, but a legal umbrella needs to be prepared first," Mahfudz Sidik, the chairman of the House of Representatives Commission I, stated here on Tuesday.

He emphasized the urgency of the law with regard to following the rules of the game as well as the program and its budget.

He said Indonesia has so far already implemented Law Number 3 of 2002 on State Defense System that regulates the reserve component and support component, among others.

"Actually, the concept of state defense could be integrated into the reserve component and the support component," he revealed.

The concept is explained in Article 9, paragraph 1, 2, and 3, he said, adding that paragraph 1 states that each citizen has the right and is obliged to participate in the defense of a state, which is realized in the implementation of the states defense.

Paragraph 2 states that a citizens role in the efforts to defend a state is implemented through civic education, compulsory basic military training, voluntary service as members of the Indonesia National Military, or through compulsory requirement and according to his/her respective profession.

Paragraph 3 states provisions regarding civic education, compulsory basic military training, and serving according to professions are regulated by the law, he said.

Supiadin A.S., a member of Commission I that oversees defense affairs among others, remarked that the defense ministers plan to induct state defense cadres is good.

He, however, questioned whether the ministers idea to recruit 100 million cadres in ten years time was realistic in view of the current conditions.

"Moreover, how they will be recruited, or if the regulation for it has been made available," he pointed out.

He also raised questions regarding the budget for it, and in view of this, he called for the idea to be firstly discussed with Commission I.

The ministers idea is good and should be implemented, taking into account the current condition of Indonesias younger generation that has been affected by narcotics and criminality, he affirmed.

"It is important to build national awareness and a sense of love to own the nation and not to be influenced by foreign cultures spreading through social media," he emphasized.

Supiadin, a politician from the National Democrat Party (Nasdem), stated that the concept of defense of a state differs from military obligation that has a set curriculum comprising subjects, such as combat techniques and basic military training.

"State defense is about discipline, solidarity, and togetherness. Training to shoot, if available, is a mere introduction," he remarked.

The Ministry of Defense revealed its plans to recruit 100 million state defense cadres within 10 years to anticipate ideological attacks from home or abroad.

Defense Minister Ryamizard Ryacudu noted that the cadres were needed in view of the increasing problems being faced by the nation.

He cited the example of ideological attacks, among others, that had the potential to destroy the nation and factors that could influence the patriotism of the younger generation towards the nation.

"This is urgent. Ideological attacks may come from anywhere. In view of this, we will set up state defense cadres as an anticipatory measure," he said here on Friday.

He hoped that the formation of state defense cadres would revive the younger generations patriotism.

He said the cadres would be assigned to state defense duties in case of a threat menacing the nation.(*)