Terror attacks has no impact on property sales: Property Watch

Terror attacks has no impact on property sales: Property Watch

Ali Tranghanda. (id.linkedin.com)

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Last weeks terror attacks that rocked the capital city and shocked the whole country would have no serious effect on the countrys economy including on property sector, the Indonesian Property Watch said.

The bomb attacks in a Jakartas most expensive area, MH Thamrin Boulevard, on Thursday (Jan. 14) left seven people dead including all five attackers.

There would be no effect on sales of houses, Executive Director of the Indonesia Property Watch Ali Tranghanda said.

The long holidays toward the end of 2015 did not even have direct impact on the property market, Ali said here on Monday.

Earlier, the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) said it hoped the government to utilize the strong support shown by the public to eradicate terrorists in Poso, Central Sulawesi.

A day after the Jakarta terror attacks, a member of a terrorist group was killed by police in an exchange of fires in village in Poso.

The government has not succeeded in eliminating a terrorist group under Santoso, leader of the Mujahidin fighters that still holed up in the mountain jungle of Poso.

"I think , this is the right momentum for the government to crush the gang of armed terrorists in the mountain of Poso," deputy chairman of Kadin for eastern Indonesia Andi Rukman Karumpa said in a statement here on Sunday (Jan. 17).

Andi said fear of the terrorist has hampered economic development in the district of Poso which is strategic in Central Sulawesi.

Central Sulawesi is important for the economic development in the whole of Sulawesi as it control the links of land transport between the southern and northern parts of Sulawesi, he said.

"Distributions via land of goods and services from Manado to Kendari have to be through Poso," Andi said.

Security has been a big problem for land transport in that area, he added.