We know that Banjarmasin has 102 rivers, but so far they are not as empowered ..."
Banjarmasin (ANTARA News) - Banjarmasin city government in South Kalimantan plans to make the existing rivers home front for the development of the city, according to Mayor Ibnu Sina.

"We know that Banjarmasin has 102 rivers, but so far they are not as empowered as a driving force of urban development. Therefore, from now on we have to pay more attention to the management of the rivers, particularly their utilization in terms of water transport infrastructure, tourism, fisheries and trade," the mayor remarked here on Friday.

According to him, Banjarmasin has been classified as a world heritage city, not because of the many objects of historic or heritage buildings, but because of the rivers that divide the city of approximately 98 square kilometers with a population of about 750 thousand inhabitants.

He said Banjarmasin has no natural resources such as mines or forests, and the city only has rivers that will be developed as accessories and as the pulse of the city, as well as drivers of the local economy.

"We know that human civilization originated from the rivers, so we will develop the rivers in an effort to create a more advanced civilization to be better known and be visited by tourists," Ibnu Sina affirms.

Many other areas in the country also have rivers, but they are not as exotic as those in the city of Banjarmasin, he further explains.

"In the future, there will be no other choice, besides making the rivers in Banjarmasin clean and beautiful to make them a world tourist destination," he noted.

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