Sampit, C Kalimantan (ANTARA News) - A Chinese investor who plans to invest through PT Shaanxi Youser Indonesia is ready to build an alumina smelter in East Kotawaringin district, Central Kalimantan, at a cost of Rp16 trillion.

"We want to build it next year but it will take at least two to three years in Indonesia. In China, it can be built in one year because they (Chinese workers) are ready to work nonstop," Director of PT Shaanxi Youser Indonesia, Steven Ugo, said here on Thursday.

The companys executive board visited the Kotawaringin district capital of Sampit to gauge the level of its seriousness in building an alumina smelter in the district.

Steven pointed out that the bauxite found in the district is of very good quality and that is why the company is interested in building an alumina smelter on 500 hectares of land on the riverside to facilitate its transportation.

He believed the construction of the alumina smelter will have a positive impact on the local economy.

The company has pledged to accord priority to hiring local workers and is ready to train them to become skilled workers and occupy important posts in the company.

PT Shaanxi Youser Indonesia has built a nickel smelter in North Morowali district, Central Sulawesi.

Its plans to build an alumina smelter in the district were delayed, he noted, adding that the smelter should have been built long ago and the company would not have found it difficult to acquire land for the plant.

"We are not doubtful. The obstacle may have to do with land prices, but we remain optimistic," he stressed.(*)

Editor: Heru Purwanto
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