Marine and air areas are important. Papua areas can be reached only by air."
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The House of Representatives has urged the government to evaluate Indonesias primary weapons defense system (alutsista), following the latest accident on December 18, when a C-130HS Hercules registers numbered A-133 crashed in Wamena, Papua, on Sunday morning.

"When there is old military equipment, the government should replace it," Deputy Chairman of the House of Representatives, Fadli Zon, said here on Monday.

The Hercules was obtained by Indonesia from a foreign country under a grant scheme.

The deputy speaker affirmed that the investigation of the aircraft accident should be conducted transparently, whether the plane crashed due to overloading, bad weather or age.

In addition, he supported the modernization and revitalization of the Indonesian Armed Forces main weaponry system.

Indonesia is the largest archipelago and has a vast territory.

"Marine and air areas are important. Papua areas can be reached only by air," he pointed out.

The Air Force has confirmed that 13 people were killed in the crash in Wamena, Papua, on Sunday morning.

"The airplane flew 13 people, consisting of 12 crew members and one passenger, from Abdul Rachman Saleh airbase in Malang (East Java). All of them were killed in the crash," Air Force Deputy Chief Vice Marshal Hadiyan Suminta Atmadja said, at Halim in Jakarta on Sunday.

The crew members of the Hercules plane were Major Marlon Kawer (pilot), Captain J. Hotlan F. Saragih (Co-Pilot), First Lieutenant Arif Fajar Prayogi (Navigator),First Lieutenant Hanggo Fitradhi, Warrant Office Class 1 Lukman Hakim, Warrant Office Class 1 Suyata, Warrant Office Class 1 Kusen, Sergeant Major Khodori, Warrant Officer Class 1 Agung Tri, Warrant Officer Class 2 Agung S, Sergeant Major Fatoni, and Second Sergeant Suyanto.

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