King Salman to enjoy Bali`s marine tourism: Ambassador

"His Majesty admires the sea very much. He is likely to spend more time enjoying the view of the sea," Saudi Arabia`s Ambassador to Indonesia said.
Nusa Dua, Bali (ANTARA News) - Saudi Arabias Ambassador to Indonesia Osama bin Mohammed Abdullah Al Shuaibi said that King Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud will most likely enjoy the marine tourism during his vacation in Bali.

"His Majesty admires the sea very much. He is likely to spend more time enjoying the view of the sea," Osama stated in a press conference, after the king and his entourage were driven to their hotels in Nusa Dua, on Saturday night.

But Osama declined to comment on more details about the locations or attractions that will be visited by King Salman and his entourage while holidaying in Bali until Thursday next week.

When asked about the kings reason to choose Bali as a vacation destination, Osama explained that it was beauty of Bali, which is famous all over the world, which had attracted the king.

"In addition, its location facing the open sea and the pleasant weather are other reasons for choosing Bali," Osama added.

He also stated that the king would probably visit Indonesia again and choose another location, other than Bali, for vacation in future.

"Maybe, it will be considered later. If he is happy with his current visit, he might visit other locations too," Osama stressed.

On the occasion, Osama also expressed his gratitude to all the parties who had contributed to maintaining the security of the king until he landed and was welcomed in Bali.

Based on his experience in Indonesia, he claimed to be impressed by the security in the country and had no doubts about the quality of Indonesian security forces in dealing with various situations.

"I was a defense attache in Indonesia before becoming an ambassador. I know that the quality and ability of the security forces here are very good," Osama remarked.(*)