KPK inquiry to be continued in July

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The House Special Committee has decided to continue its inquiry on anti-graft agency KPK early in July after the Eid holidays, its chairman, Agun Ginandjar, said here on Monday.

In a hearing session with a number of community figures at the Parliament Building, he said that the committee had already set an agenda to invite a number of experts and other parties concerned with the issue.

He stated that the committee would work until Sept and submit recommendations made based on inputs from various experts and parties invited to the session regarding KPKs future with regard to its position and synergy with other agencies.

"We have also set up a center to receive complaints," he added.

Committee deputy chairman Dossy Iskandar noted that questions on unsettled cases would also be raised during the discussion.

The committee on Monday announced the establishment of the complaints-receiving center by House Deputy Speaker Fahri Hamzah, which was attended by committee chairpersons and members.

The House of Representatives has decided to set up a special committee to exercise its inquiry right after KPK refused to release the record of its investigation of former lawmaker of House Commission III Miryam S Haryani over corruption in the electronic-ID card procurement in which more than 50 lawmakers and former lawmakers were implicated.

The committee leaders claimed the inquiry right move was to strengthen KPK, but most observers believed the contrary, saying that the committee was a plot to weaken KPK.

Deputy Speaker of the Parliament Agus Hermanto from the Democrats Party faction remarked that the work of the committee is feared to affect the performance of KPK; therefore, from the beginning, his party refused to take part in forming the committee.

In the process, the committee would repeatedly summon KPK, and KPK has to waste time honoring the summon, while it has a lot more important duty to do in fighting rampant corruption in the country, Agus revealed.

"Any institution needs to be controlled, including KPK, but not necessarily with an Inquiry Right Committee. It would be enough through a working meeting with the Commission III," he remarked.

Without the Democrats Party and PKS (Prosperous Justice Party) factions taking part, the committee held its first meeting on Wednesday (June 7) attended by the factions of Golkar, PDI Perjuangan, Hanura, Nasdem, PPP, PAN, and Gerindra

The meeting elected Golkar politician Agun Gunandjar Sudarsa as its chairman, PDI Perjuangan Risa Mariska, Hanura politician Dossy Iskandar, and Nasdem politician Taufiqulhadi as his deputies.

After his election as chairman, Sudarsa said that the committee needed Rp3.1 billion to finance its operations in 60 days.

Meanwhile, KPK indicated that it might not honor summon by the committee in exercising its inquiry right.

"KPK is still discussing it. It is in the final phase. Certainly, we have invited experts for advice," KPK spokesman Febri Diansyah said here on Wednesday.

KPK questions the process of making decision on Inquiry Right on KPK at the House of Representatives. The decision had been made without allowing time for all factions to submit opinions.

"We think there is a lot to be questioned concerning the validity of the Pansus for Inquiry Right against KPK," Febri explained.

The Muhammadiyah Youth Organization said that KPK does not have to honor the summon by the Pansus as some of its leaders are witnesses in the e-ID card corruption cases.

Meanwhile, Dahnil Anzar Simanjuntak, chairman of the organization said that KPK leaders are not allowed to have contacts with anyone implicated in corruption cases.

However, former chairman of the Constitutional Court Jimly Asshiddiqie advised KPK not to refuse honoring summons by the committee

"It is important to show that KPK is independent, but KPK must remain firm not to disclose the result of its legal investigation," Jimly pointed out.(*)