First suspects in e-ID card graft case to go to jail

"The two are found guilty of committing corruption together," Chairman of the Court of Justice Jhon Halasan Butabutar said.
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Jakarta Corruption Court meted out 7 years jail term for former Director General of Population and Civil Registration Irman and 5-years imprisonment for former Director of Management of Population Administration Information Sugiharto for involvement in the electronic-ID card corruption case.

The two former senior officials of the Home Affairs Ministry were the first suspects in the Rp2.3 trillion embezzlement case to go to jail.

"The two are found guilty of committing corruption together," Chairman of the Court of Justice Jhon Halasan Butabutar, reading the verdict here on Thursday, said.

The court also punished Irman with a fine of Rp500 million otherwise he would serve 6 months longer, and Sugiharto with a fine of Rp400 million or an additional jail term of one month.

The two were also asked to pay in a month compensations for the bribe money the had received. Irman is to pay US$500,000 minus US$300,000 and Rp50 million, otherwise his assets would confiscated or he would stay in jail 2 years longer. Sugiharto is to pay US$50,000 minus US$30,000 and a unit of Honda Jazz car worth Rp150 million or his assets would be confiscated or an additional jail term of 1 year.

The verdicts were the same as the prosecutor of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) has demanded. The Court of Justice with members including Jhon Halasan Butarbutar, Frangki Tumbuwun, Emilia, Anwar and Ansyori Saifudin accepted the request of both convicts to be justice collaborators (JC).

Their status as justice collaborator is in line with the decision of the KPK chairman that they would would agree to cooperate with the law enforcing agency to bring to the open the e-ID card scandal.

Based on the indictment read out by the KPK prosecutors, many lawmakers and former lawmakers, officials of the Home Affairs Ministry and business people were implicated in the graft case.

The court considered the status of justice collaborators in giving the verdict for suspects.

Both Irman and Sugiharto as well as the KPK prosecutors said they would consider to appeal the verdicts.

KPK said it would dig deeper into the scandal believuinbg there are still more suspects

On Monday, Parliament Speaker and General chairman of Golkar, the countrys second largest party was named new suspect

Setya Nonvanto was charged with receiving a share of Rp2.3 trillion money embezzled from Rp5.9 trillion budget for the e-ID card procurement in 2011-2012, and he was also accused of taking part in plotting the embezzlement together with Irman, Sugiharto and businessman Andi Agustinus.

Lawmakers -- Miryam and Markus Nari -- and businessman Andi Agustinus have also been included in the list of suspects to be brought to court. (*)