Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Deputy House Speaker Taufik Kurniawan said the pros and cons on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) should be stopped because it is useless.

"So if there is a conflict for what we are consuming the energy, it is clear and the boundary is obviously meaning it is not in accordance with the norms of religion and Pancasila," said Taufik in Parliament Complex, Jakarta, Wednesday.

He considered any religion does not support the existence of LGBT deviant behavior so that if there are people who encourage it then the people concerned are not religious.

According to him the problem is not only on which fraction agree or not, but has become a universal problem that must be overcome.

"The time we want to repeat This stupidity again, it is not a matter of which fraction agrees and disagrees but more than that, it`s a universal matter," he said.

Vice Chairman of the central executive board of the National Mandate Pary (DPP PAN) asked the community to stop the pros and cons about LGBT and invite to solve the problem of rising rice prices, rice and salt imports that are still taken by the government as a policy.

House of Representatives Vice Chairman Fadli Zon said the religious Indonesian community must reject all forms of religiously banned deviations including the LGBT.

According to him if there is one action related to decency and LGBT then there must be punishment.

"Especially if it is considered as something campaigned, contagious and multiply followers," he said.

He considered the condition is very dangerous, especially for parents who have small children.


Reporter: Andi Abdussalam
Editor: Heru Purwanto
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