Only motorcyclists can pass through puncak route

Only motorcyclists can pass through puncak route

Police arrange traffic during the closure of Puncak lane in Ciloto, Cianjur, West Java, Thursday (29/3/2018). The lane of Puncak Gunung Mas, Boogor, until Ciloto, Cianjur, again closed due to avalanche shoulder road. (ANTARA /Yulius Satria Wijaya)

Bogor, W Java (ANTARA News) - Bogor District`s Resort Police, West Java`s Regional Police Adjunct Senior Commissioner, Andi Moch Dicky, stated that Puncak lane could only be used by two-wheelers, while four-wheelers and others would be diverted to alternative routes.

"Only two-wheelers can pass through the lane, while others must use alternative roads. Those from Jakarta can use the roads through Cibubur, Jonggol, Cariu, and then Sukamakmur, or through Sukabumi to Cianjur, or through Bandung, Padalarang, which headed to Cianjur," he stated here on Thursday.

The restriction of vehicles on the Puncak lane is due to the continuous landslides that have been occurring in the area of Puncak Pas, which is the border between Puncak Bogor and Cianjur, precisely at Puncak Pas Resort.

This landslide, which occurred at 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday evening (March 28), caused road damage. The landslide had damaged the road of 40 meters wide and 150 meters long. The ground vibration could still be felt if vehicles passed through the road.

"There is a continuation of ground vibration, precisely at Puncak Pass Resort," he noted.

Dicky stated that the police have exercised caution while anticipating the landslide, including involving experts to conduct research on the landslide.

According to Dicky, the steps are taken ahead of the long holiday for Easter. Usually, the lane along Puncak is crowded the day before the long holiday,

"The police have collaborated with the Cianjur Resort Police to close the road by consulting with the Director General of Land Transportation on how to follow up on the Puncak road," he revealed.

He explained that he and his personnel had conducted insulation of the road at the entrance to Gunung Mas plantation, Puncak. This location was chosen because of its proximity to Jalau island that can be used to turn the vehicle for continuing in the Puncak route.

The roads were insulated in the jurisdiction of Cianjur Resort Police, starting from intersection of Hypermart. This closure is for the safety of the riders.

Cianjur Resort Police of Police Adjunct Senior Commissioner Soliyah revealed that warning banners, containing information related to the conditions in Puncak and advising drivers to divert the route from Cianjur to Bogor through Jonggol, have been erected at several points.

"The riders who want to go to Bogor can use the alternative road of Jonggol or Sukabumi," he added.

He emphasized that during the handling of landslides, only two-wheelers and project transportation vehicles can pass through Puncak Pass. Meanwhile, other vehicles should use alternative route.

"Public transportation from Bogor can pass through Cisarua Market only. I urge the people to use motorcycles for their safety," he added.

Reported by Laily Rahmawaty