Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Army`s Special Strike Force (Kopassus) soldiers must be able to innovate and adapt in the face of changing times, the Indonesian Defense Forces (TNI) commander, Marshall Hadi Tjahjanto, stated.

"Kopassus soldiers should become pioneers and stand at the forefront of special operations-related innovations within the TNI," Tjahjanto noted, at the celebration of the Kopassus 66th anniversary bearing the theme "Realizing Kopassus Soldiers Who Are Disciplined, Professional and Loved by People Based on Morals, Morality and Integrity" in Cijantung, East Jakarta, on Monday.

The TNI commander stated that 66 years ago, Kopassus was born from a determination and thought of a 23-year-old Slamet Riyadi, with his critical analysis on being able to think of the importance of having a small unit with special ability.

"Now, we probably do not really think of it as something extraordinary. However, if it is related to the context at the moment, the thought of Riyadi is essentially an innovative leap in his era," Tjahjanto explained.

The TNI commander further revealed that the Kopassus soldiers must be able to integrate the mental and physical strength of the commando soldiers with the application of advanced technology.

According to him, mental and physical strength is a basic capital whose standards must always be nurtured, with the power of innovation and adaptation.

"By nurturing our mental and physical abilities and applying advanced technology appropriately, we have provided the best opportunities for the Special Forces members to succeed in carrying out various missions," he pointed out.

In addition, Tjahjanto stated during the 66 years of service, Kopassus has inscribed its records in golden ink by carrying out any mission entrusted by the state, such as the DI/TII, PRRI/Permesta, Dwikora Operation, Trikora Operation, G 30 S/PKI Crushing, Woyla Operation, Mapenduma Operation, Somalia Operation, Tinombala Operation, and the Hostage Liberation operation in Banti, Papua, in 2017.

The TNI chief also explained that so far Kopassus soldiers have three things, namely courage, truth, and success, which have become the principles of action.

Reported by Syaiful Hakim
(B003/ INE)

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