gasoline stations ready to sell premium: ministry

gasoline stations ready to sell premium: ministry

Gas station (ANTARA PHOTO/Akbar Nugroho Gumay)

Jakarta,  (ANTARA News) -  The Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) Ministry has said that refueling stations (SPBUs) in Java are now ready to sell premium gasoline to consumers.

The ESDM ministry checked the readiness of SBPUs to sell premium in Banten, West Java, and Yogyakarta on Saturday (June 2).

"Fuel distributors are ready to channel premium in the three regions," expert staff official of ESDM Ministry for Natural Resources Economy Dadan Kusdiana said on Sunday.

ESDM Minister Ignasus Jonan checked the readiness of SBPUs to sell premium along the Jakarta - Surabaya toll roads on Saturday and Sunday.

He deployed three separate teams in Banten and West Java; Yoyakarta and Cedntral Java; and East Java to ensure that the distribution of premium in Java and Bali is running well.

The teams are a follow-up to the direction of President Joko Widodo as stated in Presidential Regulation No. 43 of 2018 on the Supply, Distribution and Sales Price of Retail Fuel Oil, which requires the provision of Premium in Java and Bali.

According to Dadan, there are 54 additional gasoline stations to provide Premium in Banten.

??? "In the next three days they are targeted to begin operational ," he said.

????The 54 gas stations, he added, are part of additional 571 gasoline stations in Java and Bali, which will distribute Premium.

????With the addition of 571 gasolne stations, the total number of retail outlets, which will distribute Premium in Java and Bali increased 1,519 to 2,090 units of stations.

????Meanwhile, there are also nine gasolene stations, which are ready to distribute premium in Bekasi, West Java.

????Dadan added the location of gas stations based on the level of community needs, especially in non-toll roads in anticipation of the flow of homecoming and reverse flow of post-fating Eid el-Fitr or Lebaran travelers.