Indonesian-Chinese joint firm develops SMARTID9 in UGM

Indonesian-Chinese joint firm develops  SMARTID9 in UGM


Beijing, China, (ANTARA News) - An Indonesian Chinese joint venture company will develop latest two dimension code security application SMARTID9 at the state University of Gadjah Mada (UGM) in Yogyakarta.

"We agree to cooperate with PT Gamatechno Indonesia as a business unit in information technology of PT Gama Multi Group under UGM," CEO of Global Code System (GCS) Thomas Soo told Antara here on Sunday.

Agreement to team up with UGM was sought after GCS signed an agreement with Beijing D9ing Institute of Information Engineering on the sidelines of a Serice Sector trade exhibition (Ciftis) in Beijing, on Friday.

"We will develop this latest application with the Gamatechno for the security of student diploma as our first project,"Thomas, whose office is in Jakarta said.

The two companies also plan to develop its latest application in other ASEAN member countries.

Thomas said SMARTID9 could provide protection for document materials or products from falsification or illegal actions.

"This application could support the fourth generation industry," Thomas, who is an advisor of IMQ Antara Digital Media, said.

With the application, Thomas guarantees that Indonesian produced goods to be exported to China are safe from falsification and could be traced back to the process of production and distribution to the end user.

SMARTID9 is not like QR code, which could be easily found at present, and which needs special hard ware and soft ware that could work well during daring as well as luring up that it is vulnerable to falsification .

President Director of Beijing D9ing Institute of Information Engineering, Yu Xuedong, said the technology has been applied in China since 2012, mainly by customs and taxation services.

"We want to develop the technology in Indonesia, especially to help the government and the people of that country," Yu Xuedong said.

He said the cost of application to be developed in the technology is relatively cheap, but has high security level.

"This application could be used by the government to maximize income from the texation sector. Certainly the technology is also suitable for small industries in Indonesia as the cost is cheap with the guarantee of good security quality," he said.

He went on to say SMARTID9 would make it easier for companies in Indonesia, both ones of large and small scale to export their products to China without fear of being falsified.

"In order to introduce this technology in Indonesia, we will team up with IMQ Antara Digital Media," Thomas Soo said. (AS/a014)