Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Directorate General of Air Transportation of the Ministry of Transportation has handed over the management of -- Radin Inten II Lampung Airport and Fatmawati Airport Bengkulu -- to Angkapura Pura (AP) II.

The Director General of Air Transportation at the Ministry of Transportation, in his statement here on Monday, noted that the joint operation could develop capacity and better services.

"Lampung and Bengkulu airports are quite good, in terms of growth, and if the investment side will be carried out properly by Airport Management II (AP II), from the service side, the face will also be better," he noted.

In addition, he remarked that under the management of AP II, it is expected that the routes to and from the two airports will become increasingly crowded and can serve as a driving force for the tourism sector.

"We also hope that in one, two, or three years, new airline flight routes will be added," he noted.

In addition to the two airports, the other airports to be managed by AP II are Nias Airport and Sibolga Airport.

Of the airports whose management is handed over to AP I, one of them is Bandara Sentani.

The management cooperation is aimed at saving the state budget, as it will be allocated to airports that are in the outermost, frontier, and remote regions.

Regarding the transfer of the status of the state civil apparatus (ASN), Pramintohadi requested that some be transferred to the AP II employees.

"This is a `challenge` for AP II. There will be several ASNs that will join AP II," he stated.

On the same occasion, AP II Director Muhammad Awaluddin said the transfer of responsibility for managing the Lampung and Bengkulu airports could drive the company`s business, in terms of the movement of passengers and aircraft.

"For us in AP II, the airport is the main production tool for us to move. We agree that the APBN section must be greater than the 3T airport," he remarked.

He stated that Bengkulu Airport received one million passengers, while Lampung Airport received two million, so additional capacity was necessary from both the land and air side.

"In Banyuwangi, we must increase the capacity, based on the movement of passengers and aircraft. This is a priority," he stated.

Ministry of Transportation`s Director of Airport Affairs Polana said that for the takeover of employee status, ASN may only choose one, i.e., the employees of the Ministry of Transportation or AP II.

"AP II assesses the competency of our employees to be able to become operators. This is mono status, as the level is below the board of directors, and there is a transition, and since there are several examples, it is difficult to have standards," he added.

Reported by Juwita Irisna Rahayu
Edited by Eliswan, Andi Abdussalam

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