Asian Games 2018

Asian Games (volleyball) - Thai men`s team defeats Saudi Arabia 3-0

Asian Games (volleyball) - Thai men`s team defeats Saudi Arabia 3-0

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Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Thailand`s men`s team defeated Saudi Arabia in three straight sets (25-23, 27-25, 25-22) in the 7-10 position in the match at the Tennis Indoor Stadium, GBK, Senayan, Jakarta on Thursday.

With this victory, Thailand has a chance of winning the seventh place in the tournament and awaits the next opponent following the match between China and Pakistan.

Thailand, which failed to advance to the quarter-finals as they had to recognize Indonesia`s superiority, started the attack at the start of the first set.

Monchai Supajirakul`s team had won a thin 8-7 advantage after Kitsada Somkane`s spike failed to be returned by Ibrahim Ali Majrashi.

Strict scores followed, as the two teams do not appear to reinforce each other`s defenses and allow opponents to be creative in forming attacks.

The pursuit for numbers continued up to positions 17-17, 20-20, and 22-22, before Thailand finally won the first set 25-23 through the spike of Chatmongkhon Paketkaeo.

At the start of the second set, Saudi Arabia, which topped Pool A, appeared to have recovered from a defeat in the 12th qualifying phase and continued to face pressure from Thailand.

Although Saudi Arabia provided resistance, Thailand was able to catch up to position 14-11, through the spike of Kantarat Koonmee.

Zharko Ristoski`s team looked like they would win in the second set, after winning 25-24, thanks to a spike crossing Ibrahim Ali Majrashi.

However, Thailand played smarter and won three points in quick time, thanks to a tight defense, to close the second set 27-25.

At the start of the third set, Saudi Arabia was still able to withstand the attacks of Thailand and offset the combination of Kissada Nilsawai`s attacks and friends.

However, Saudi Arabia seemed to no longer be eager to catch up in the first two sets, as the defense began to commit mistakes.

The party, which only competed for this ranking, ended 25-22 for Thailand`s victory in the third set.

Konhan Amorntep was the star of this match, recording 15 spikes; Koonmee, 12 spikes; and Somkane, 11 spikes.

Meanwhile, in the race for the 17-18 position, Kazakhstan won over Mongolia, as the opponents were not present at the Bulungan Sports Hall.

With this victory, Kazakhstan was confirmed to have occupied the 17th place, while Mongolia was ranked 18th in the men`s volleyball sport at the Asian Games.

Reported by Satyagraha
Edited by Eliswan, Sri Haryati