Gorontalo, (ANTARA News) - Various elements from the local government, students, tourism conscious groups, the Environmental Service and Regional Device Organizations (OPD), and the community cleaned up the Botubarani whale sharks tourist attraction in Bone Bolango District, Gorontalo Province, from various types of waste on Sunday.

Together, they cleared the tourist attraction from different types plastic waste, according to Kabila Bone Sub-District Head Darwin Maksun.

"Various types of garbage from food and beverage packaging were taken and left by visitors who came to this tourist area," Maksun remarked here on Sunday.

However, he said the waste was also carried by the sea current to Botubarani beach.

"Sometimes fishermen here are also the cause of the presence of garbage, because usually they always buy ice cubes with plastic packaging, and then throw the plastic in the sea after using it,"

he said.

Maksun explained that the district government had made a program, called Clean Friday, and formed a task force in each village to clean up the garbage.

"Every Friday we all the officials, as well as the village heads take action to clean up the garbage from the morning until the evening," he said.

Reporting by Adiwinata Solihin
Editing by Otniel Tamindael, Fardah Assegaf

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Editor: Suharto
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