Jakarta (ANTARA News) - A total of five paramotor parachutists were flying in the blue sky of Moyo Island, Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara.

They circled above the sea to provide their own entertainment for residents at the 2018 Sail Moyo Tambora event.

They were flying pass in front of the ceremony podium with the first pilot composition Edwin Uzir in blue and yellow and a paramotor pilot from Bekasi.

The second pilot was Teguh Rasdianto with an orange parachute from South Tangerang, third pilot Rudi Hindarko with a blue purple parachute from DKI. Then the fourth pilot, Taufik Nugraha, with an orange red parachute from Bandung and the fifth pilot Anwar Soerjomataram with a black and white orange parachute from Jakarta.

Meaningful entertainment for residents of West Nusa Tenggara will mark the rise of the province`s tourism after the tectonic earthquake that hit the region. Paramotor parachute attractions on September 9, 2018 are themselves part of a number of Sail Moyo Tambora 2018 activities.

"Paramotor flew in 2 sorties starting at 07.00 local time before the Sail Moyo Tambora opening ceremony," said the paramotor team manager, Dewi.

Paramotor is an aerospace sport under the world organization Microlight (Federation Aeronautique International) and is under the aero sport Indonesia Federation. Paramotor aerospace sports are now growing rapidly with pilots / pilots scattered throughout Indonesia.

To welcome the event which took place from 9 to 23 September 2018, NTB Tourism Office Head Moh Fauzal once stated that 140 yacht ships would certainly follow the Sail Moyo Tambora implementation held in Teluk Saleh, Sumbawa Regency, West Nusa Tenggara, on 9-23 September 2018.

"There were 140 participants who confirmed to us," said NTB Tourism Office Chief, Moh Faozal.

The 140 yachts will cross the Sail Moyo-Tambora route in Indonesian waters. The participants began to sail from two different locations as starting points, namely parts from Darwin, Australia and Malaysia and Singapore, starting in early June.

"These sailing ships will gather in Labuhan Bajo area, Flores, NTT at the beginning of September, to then together go to the location of the peak activity in Saleh Bay which is part of the Samota (Saleh, Moyo, Tambora) Minapolitan area on Sumbawa Island," he explained.

A total of 17 series of activities prepared to enliven Sail Moyo were also held, including the Maritime Expo, Moyo Tambora Cultural Appearance, Cultural Festival, International Weaving Festival, Barapan Kebo, International Surfing, and the Maritime Cultural Dialogue.

"There is also a parade of 1,000 Traditional Boats, then Run Gembira Moyo Tambora, Investment Forum, and clean beaches," said Faozal.

NTB`s journey to host Sail Indonesia began in 2015. With NTB set as the host of Sail Indonesia with its part, Sail Moyo Tambora 2018, the related matters all become material for the NTB Tourism Office meeting and other relevant parties there.

"Thank God, Sail Indonesia is Sail Moyo Tambora (Samota) 2018 branding in 2018. Sumbawa Regency is the host. The 2018 Sail Moyo Tambora will take place on September 9-22 2018, and has the aim of bringing tourists to Sumbawa Island,"he said.

Meanwhile the Regent of Sumbawa Regency, M Husni Djibril, expressed his appreciation for the implementation of Sail Moyo Tambora 2018, in Sumbawa Regency. According to him, Sail Moyo Tambora 2018 can lift and introduce tourism potential in Sumbawa.

Djibril also appealed to all levels of the Sumbawa Regency SKPD to enliven and succeed in the Sail Moyo Tambora 2018 activity, starting from the beginning of the activity, until the peak that will take place at Badas Port, Sumbawa Regency, on 10 September.

He stressed, environmental cleanliness in Sumbawa regency must be maintained, because in 2017 Sumbawa regency is almost certain to host Sail Indonesia, but failed due to environmental cleanliness.

"I don`t want to fail again in this Sail Moyo Tambora activity. We must maintain environmental cleanliness, considering that this activity has been included in the 100 beauties of Indonesia in the Ministry of Tourism," he said.

Village Innovation

The Ministry of Villages, Development of Disadvantaged Regions, and Transmigration showcase village innovations in the exhibition to enliven the Sail Moyo Tambora 2018 event.

Ministry of Villages, Development of Disadvantaged Areas and Transmigration (Ministry of Health PDTT) through the Head of Public Relations Bureau of the Ministry of Health PDTT Bonivasius Prasetya Ichtiarto said the models of rural community empowerment in various regions were also displayed at the event.

"The Ministry participated in this exhibition also to promote empowerment programs that have been carried out in villages and underdeveloped areas, including village funds," he said.

"It is expected that the Ministry of PDTT`s Ministry of Education in Sail can provide real practices to share community empowerment not only for Sumbawa, but also for other districts in Indonesia," he said.

In addition to presenting village innovations, the Ministry of Education`s PDTT booth also presented data on the use of village funds which showed that in the past three years, the funds had been used to build 123,858 kilometers of village roads, 791,258 meters of bridges, 6,576 village market units, 26,750 Village Owned Enterprises (BUMDes ), 2,960 boat moorings, 1,971 embungs, 28,830 irrigation, and 3,111 sports.

Village funds have also been used to build 67,094 units of soil restraints, 38,331 clean water facilities, 112,003 MCK units, 5,402 Polindes, 38,217,065 drainage meters, 18,177 units of early childhood education facilities, 11,574 Posyandu units, and 31,122 wells.

Bonivasius argued that Sail Moyo Tambora would bring significant benefits to tourism development and drive local economic activity.

"Sail`s purpose is in two sectors, first tourism, the second is fishery. But actually agricultural products can also be developed, such as corn," he said.

Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan said Sail Moyo Tambora 2018, which was held in Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara, was the beginning of the rise of tourism in the aftermath of the earthquake in the province.

Luhut, who inaugurated the Sail Moyo Tambora 2018 program on Sunday (9/9), appreciated the implementation of the event which was also filled with a series of charity and social service activities, so as to arouse enthusiasm and reduce the burden of earthquake affected victims.

"The Sail Moyo Tambora 2018 event is the beginning of the recovery of Lombok and Sumbawa tourism after the earthquake that hit NTB in a row in recent times. I urge, if we have events outside the office, let`s direct its implementation in this region as a form of our solidarity is to awaken tourism here, "he said.

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Reporter: Eliswan Azly
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