Sago, coffee development becomes concern of Wantanas: Governor

Sago, coffee development becomes concern of Wantanas: Governor

Illustration. Processing of sago in Jayapura, Papua, (ANTARA News/Hand Out)

Jayapura, Papua (ANTARA News) - Development of sago and coffee in Papua Province has become a cause of concern for the National Resilience Council (Wantanas) to improve the economic sector of the local community, Papua Governor Lukas Enembe said.

"It is necessary to develop sago in Papua, as it is a community requirement as a food ingredient, while coffee has huge potential in the local economy," the governor remarked here on Monday.

Enembe noted that the development of sago and coffee in Papua needs to be accompanied by qualified human resources in its processing.

"To this end, assistance is needed for human resources in Papua to be able to process and develop sago and coffee in future," the governor remarked while receiving the Wantanas officials at his office here.

In the meantime, Papua Regional Secretary Hery Dosinaen remarked that the Wantanas officials` visit to Papua aimed at evaluating existing natural potentials to be developed for supporting food security for the local communities, and Indonesians, in general.

"Sago and coffee, these two areas of natural potential of Papua, are also the concern of the provincial government regarding how its development will improve public health as well," Dosinaen noted.

Dosinaen explained that during Wantanas` visit, several relevant ministries and also international- and national-level entrepreneurs were present to shed light on what had been accomplished and ways in which Papua`s natural resource potential can be developed for boosting food security at the local to national levels.

Reporting by Hendrina Dian Kandipi
Editing by Otniel Tamindael, Bustanuddin