Living condition of Central Sulawesi quake victims gets improved: mily

Living condition of Central Sulawesi quake victims gets improved: mily

Indonesian Military officers helped rescue operations in earthquake-hit Central Sulawesi. (Foto/Satgas Yonzipur-8/SMG)

Palu, C Sulawesi (ANTARA News) - The living condition of residents in the disaster zones of the Central Sulawesi capital city of Palu and districts of Donggala and Sigi has got improved as several markets and hospitals resume operation, a military spokesman said.

The resumption of the local people`s daily activities is obvious thanks to various parties` participation in the disaster mitigation and restoration processes, Spokesman of 132/Tadulako Military Resort Command Colonel Agus Sasmita said here on Wednesday.

In helping secure the people and those involving in humanitarian relief missions, the Indonesian Military and Police deployed 6,522 and 2,028 personnel respectively. They were assisted by thousands of rescue workers and volunteers in the catastrophe-hit areas.

The security apparatuses work together with the rescue workers and volunteers coming from the governmental and non-governmental agencies on the ground to help those in need.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the death toll from the 7.4-magnitude earthquake that rocked Palu, Donggala, and Sigi on September 28, 2018 had reached 2,037; and they all had been buried.

Besides them, there had also been 671 people, who still went missing, and 152 others, who reportedly remained buried under the ruins of destroyed buildings and beneath the ground after soil liquefaction hit certain areas within Palu.

"Therefore, we continue the search and rescue efforts with a hope that we can still find survivors," said the Indonesian Military Academy graduate.

There are 14 hospitals around the disaster zones of Palu, Donggala and Sigi. Twelve of them have resumed operation, namely nine in Palu, two in Donggala, and one in Sigi.

The government also provides the victims with medical services on board of a navy ship, KRL dr.Suharso, and a field hospital in Balaroa area, he said.

Tens of local students could have also returned to school following the reopening of two senior high schools and a junior high school.

However, none of elementary schools has resumed operation. In Palu alone, there are 91 senior high schools, 128 junior high schools, ad 495 elementary schools, he said.

Regarding the local people`s economic activities, he said there have been three markets in Palu, which have resumed operation. In the city, there are eight markets, while the districts of Donggala and Sigi have 16 and one units respectively.

In ensuring the availability of food for the quake and tsunami victims in Donggala District, Agus Sasmita further said the security apparatuses have flown six sorties of aid logistics to the villagers of Lende and Rano in Balaesang Tanjung Subdistrict.

Besides transporting them by helicopters to residents of the two villages, the aid logistics have also been distributed by four trucks to those being sheltered around Sigi District areas, he said.

In helping them cook the food, the 132/Tadulako Military Resort Command has set more kitchens up for those in the villages of Dolo, Pasar Biromaru, Lolu, Sibalaya, Madani Biromaru, and Ngatabaru, besides distributing logistics aids to 100 places in Sigi.

The security apparatuses also helped open the access roads to Kulawi, joined the search and rescue efforts in Balaroa and Petobo areas, provided a medical service for those in Tafae Villae, and set up at least 64 emergency tents and toilets for refugees.

The 1306/Donggala Military Resort Command was ready for setting up 20 more tents and toilets in three refugee sites to make the displaced people there feel more comfortable, he said.

Reporting by Budi Setiawanto
Editing by Rahmad Nasution