Indonesia, Thailand ombudsmen sign memorandum of understanding

Indonesia, Thailand ombudsmen sign memorandum of understanding


Jakarta,  (ANTARA News) - The Chairman of Ombudsman Commission of the Republic of Indonesia, Prof. Amzulian Rifai, and the Chairman of the Royal Thai Ombudsman signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on cooperation between the Indonesian Ombudsman and the Royal Thai Ombudsman in Bangkok, Thailand, on Oct 10.

This MoU is an extension of the one signed in 2015, based on a statement from the Indonesian Embassy in Bangkok received here on Saturday.

Through this signing, the two Ombudsman agreed to enter into and strengthen the cooperation in improving the complaints handling system and sharing experiences, collaborating in the fields related to common interests, as well as resolving maladministration in public services faced by the citizens of one of the parties that are in the territory of another party.

According to General Viddhavat Rajatanun, through the 2015 MoU, various activities have been carried out, such as sharing experiences and exchanging information. Therefore, it should be maintained.

On the sidelines of his speech, he also expressed the condolences and concerns of the Thai government and people for the natural disaster that recently occurred in Indonesia.

Rifai expressed his gratitude for the concern of the Thai government and people regarding the natural disaster that Indonesia was facing, especially in NTB and Central Sulawesi.

The Thai government and its people sent aid supplies to Indonesia through the Indonesian Embassy in Bangkok.

Rifai also stated the support for the establishment of the ASEAN Ombudsman Forum, with the aim to improve services for ASEAN citizens.

Indonesia, Thailand and ASEAN countries that already have an ombudsman commission can be initiators to enter into cooperation with the platform of ASEAN People, which consist of three pillars, namely politics and security, economics, and socio-culture.

In this visit, in addition to signing the MoU, the two ombudsmen will convene discussions and dialogues in handling public complaints, such as handling the problem of air pollution.

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