House calls for evaluation of flight regulations

House calls for evaluation of flight regulations

The joint SAR team evacuated the Lion Air aircraft turbine with the PK-LQP registration number with flight number JT 610 in Tanjung Karawang, West Java, on Saturday (3/11/2018). (ANTARA PHOTO/Jaya Kusuma/aaa/kye)

Cianjur, W Java (ANTARA News) - Commission V of the Indonesian House of Representatives urged the government to thoroughly evaluate flight safety regulations following the crash of Lion Air JT 610.

Member of the House of Representatives Commission V Neng Eem Marhamah Zulfa Hizke told reporters on Saturday that the aviation industry in Indonesia is predicted to be increasingly crowded with the high interest of citizens using airplanes.

"So it needs to be thoroughly evaluated so that there will be no more plane accidents like the one that happened to Lion Air," he said after attending the Santri Camp Service for Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) Cianjur in Singangong Field, Cibodas.

He considered, the aviation industry in Indonesia became a promising business, so that the evaluation was not only limited to the condition of the aircraft owned by each airline but regulations that anticipated the potential for air accidents.

Solid flight schedules make the capacity of all airports in Indonesia exceed the limit, so Commission V has asked the Ministry of Transportation to immediately make strict regulations.

At present the government is like a dilemma to make flight rules because they feel they are benefited by the presence of airlines offering affordable prices, but not with maximum service.

"Don`t just dare to offer cheap tickets but the service is not optimal, the ministry must impose strict rules or sanctions regarding bad servants," he said.

He added, he had previously held a meeting with the National Transportation Safety Committee (NTSC) regarding the performance of the agency because increasingly air transportation at each airport was tight.

"We will immediately summon the ministries and Lion Air, in order to find out the exact cause of the accident that killed hundreds of passengers," he said.

In fact, his party will question the route that feels awkward, even though the pilot had requested to return to the airport because the plane had a problem.

"We will complete in the near future the exact cause, so that there will be no more mistakes and the plane crashes due to various reasons," he said.

Reporting by Ahmad Fikri
Editing by Andi Abdussalam, Rahmad Nasution