Padang, W Sumatra, (ANTARA News) - Political and security stability will encourage national economic development and will furthermore improve public welfare, Indonesia`s Industry Minister Airlangga Hartarto stated.

"Political and security stability are the main factors for development. As a big country, Indonesia is capable of maintaining its stability," Hartarto remarked during the 21st congress of the Indonesian Engineer Union (PII) here on Thursday.

The minister highlighted progress in the country`s development under President Joko Widodo`s administration, including construction of infrastructure in several regions.

Among the infrastructure developed are the 754-kilometer (km) double-track railway, 3,432 km of non-toll roads, 941 km of toll roads, 140 suspension bridges, 10 new airports, and 19 ports.

The government has targeted to complete construction of the Trans Java toll road by the end of 2019 to connect Merak in Banten and Surabaya, East Java.

The toll road in Sumatra, especially in Lampung, is targeted to be finalized in March 2019, earlier than its previous target of June 2019.

Airlangga stated that the country`s macro economy had witness a growth of some five percent in the past three to four years.

"There is no price hike for basic necessities in the market," he pointed out.

The poverty rate has declined 9.8 percent during the past four years, while the rate of unemployment has reduced 5.13 percent.

Within the ASEAN region, he said, Indonesia has played a key role in maintaining regional stability and security.

"Stability and security in ASEAN will depend on stability in Indonesia. Hence, Indonesia, as a big country, with the largest population (in the region), plays an important role in ASEAN," he stated.

Meanwhile, PII Chairman Hermanto Dardak remarked that the organization had continued to improve its members` competency.

"Currently, PII has at least 30 thousand members that are expected to boost their professionalism, especially with the industrial revolution 4.0," Dardak added.

Reporting by Ahmad Wijaya, Sri Haryati
Editing by Fardah

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