Kudus, C Java, (ANTARA News) - The Indonesian National Sports Committee (KONI) of Central Java has encouraged the Kudus district government to develop sports tourism.

Central Java KONI Chairman Brigadier General (ret) Subroto remarked here on Thursday that Kudus District has several areas of potential worth developing into sports tourism.

"One of the areas of potential to be developed into sports tourism is Ternadi mountain in Dawe Sub-district," Subroto remarked while attending the inauguration ceremony of the Management of KONI of Kudus District on Thursday.

He said the Ternadi mountain area also holds potential to be developed for paragliding sports.

Moreover, he noted that the area also became a spot for the downhill mountain bike racing championship.

With growth in "sports tourism," he is optimistic that the local area would be increasingly known by people from various regions in the country, as various sports events have frequently been held there.

He emphasized that the new KONI Kudus management is tasked with developing several new sports in addition to promoting sports coaching initiated by the old management.

He pointed out that KONI Central Java has a target to increase the acquisition of gold medals at the XX National Sports Week (PON) in 2020.

Reporting by Akhmad Nazaruddin
Editing by Otniel Tamindael

Reporter: Antara
Editor: Otniel Tamindael
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