BRANDSTARS selected 2019 Korea Representative Brand announced

SEOUL, South Korea--(Antara/BUSINESS WIRE)-- BRANDSTARS Selection Committee announced that the winners of ’2019 Korea Representative Brand’, the best brand in each industry representing Korea, were selected.

The 2019 Korea Representative Brand, reported in main media of Asia, selects and reports the representative brand in Korea providing best quality and best service, with aims to provide rational information for Korea and overseas customers and brand value growth of corporations.

BRANDSTARS Selection Committee first selected the candidates for each industry integrating press reports and consumer evaluation, and based on accomplishment letter, winners were finally selected for each area through academic, media professionals’ final judgment.

The 2019 representative brand for industry includes Galaxy series of Samsung Electronics for smartphone, ‘Hyundai automobiles Genesis’ for car, LG PuriCare for air purifier, Bacchus for restorative drinks, Agabang for infants clothing, Lotte department store for department store, ‘ABC mart’ for shoes multi-shop, the Korean wave idol star BTS for entertainment.

‘Sulwhasoo’ of Amorepacific for K-beauty, and ‘Olive Young’ for beauty multi-shop, ‘Giselleligne’ of ‘CGbio’, a bio fusion medical device company, ‘GDS plastic surgery clinic’ for dermatology plastic surgery, ‘LG Pra.L’ for home beauty device and “Medytox” for K-Beauty Industry were selected.

‘Paris Baguette’, ‘Lotteria’, ‘Bibigo’, ‘Binggrae Banana milk’, ‘Ottogi Jin ramen’, ‘Samyang Food Buldak ramen’ for K-food was selected for most popular brand.

‘Baunenajugomtang’ for beef-bone soup representing traditional Korean taste were selected.

Hanshin Medipia for comprehensive medical check-up in health care field, Cheong Kwan Jang, red jinseng professional brand, the representative health function food in Korea were selected. Jeju, and Yanggu county office that is highly popular as ecological cultural safety tourism sight due to vitalization of South-North Korea exchange were selected.

‘Heimchef of Withnix’ that is hygienic dish drier corporation sterilizing 99% through only hot wind dry method in Korea for small business, ‘Gounbal of Wellbeinghealthfarm’ that is footcare professional corporation, a functional cosmetics company for moisturizing and nourishment, ‘Dedi-Box’ for delivery agency with display advertisement were selected.

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BRANDSTARS Selection Committee
K.J Kim

Source: BRANDSTARS Selection Committee