TOKYO--(Antara/BUSINESS WIRE)-- Fusion Coin (XFC) is an encryption asset that is aimed to be used easily across the globe. Trades on Fusion Coin aren’t just limited to encryption assets such as Bitcoin and Ripple, but also include legal currencies.

With the application of blockchain technology, Fusion Coin installs innovative technology to the traditional banking system. This allows Fusion Coin to deliver global, safe and reliable financial services, following their concept of, “Delivering financial services with high reliability and accessibility for people to connect with others around the world.”

1. Characteristics of Fusion Coin
(1) Holds the qualities of both Bitcoin and Ripple
Fusion Coin was developed using Bitcoin’s issuance limit function and Ripple’s bridge currency as a reference. Which means, it functions as the primary currency for overseas remittances and exchanges.

(2) Establishment of FUSION BANK
Not only does Fusion Coin function as a currency, but it also aims to establish “FUSION BANK”, a hybrid bank which handles cryptocurrencies and legal currencies online.
On December 2018, Fusion Bank signed a contract with a Swedish banking license, which currently undertakes trusts and banking businesses. From this, FUSION BANK is on its way into being fully established, which is expected to occur on Spring 2019.

2. Information Regarding Fusion Coin’s Campaign
Currently, Fusion Coin is doing an “AirDrop Campaign”.
Each participant will receive 0.5 XFC as a reward in exchange for following the steps outlined below:
(1) Follow Fusion Coin on Twitter
(2) Retweet the tweet regarding the “AirDrop Campaign”
(3) Join Telegram from this designated link to participate in the AirDrop Telegram:

3. The Future of Fusion Coin
Fusion Coin gained a large amount of attention when it became the title sponsor for an F1 race, “Masters Historic Formula 1 in JAPAN”, which was held on November 17th and 18th of last year at the Suzuka Circuit.

As mentioned previously, Fusion Coin also signed a contract in December 2018 with a Swedish banking license, undertaking trusts and banking businesses, to connect to their development of a Fusion Bank.
Please keep an eye out for Fusion Coin and their upcoming achievements. They will continue to diligently develop diverse technologies and expand alliances to deliver globally reliable financial services to their users.

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Kengo Nakano

Source: Fusion Coin

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