"The more the people await certainty, the more curious it will become. When it matches, all is fine, but when it does not fit, that is a big question."
Bogor (ANTARA) - The Bogor Agricultural Institute's (IPB's) political observer Sofyan Sjaf is optimistic of the General Election Commission (KPU) accelerating vote-counting for the 2019 General Election to avert community conflicts following the presidential and vice-presidential pairs claiming victory.

"The results of some 'quick counts' by survey institutions that show the incumbent on a winning streak are viewed as opposing camps. This has high potential to trigger conflicts among members of the community," he stated during a conversation with ANTARA in Bogor, West Java, Friday.

The lecturer at the Human Ecology Faculty (FEMA) believes that apart from quick counts by survey institutions, the commission's "real count" too carries a similar risk if even and prompt reporting is not conducted. Due to some 800 thousand polling stations (TPS) spread across Indonesia, the KPU reported it centrally in Jakarta.

"Segregating the area of authority is deemed important. For instance, the eastern region is divided into two, while the middle is divided in two. Hence, a coordination line is in place, and the KPU reports the matter quickly," Sjaf remarked.

Sjaf opined that such a situation can fuel conflict in the community, particularly concerning opinions on social media that can spark conflicts, with each harboring differing views.

"The more the people await certainty, the more curious it will become. When it matches, all is fine, but when it does not fit, that is a big question," he stated.

Nonetheless, Sjaf is upbeat that the TNI-Polri joint apparatus would ensure security after the election akin to what it had done before the implementation until the voting day.

"The TNI and Polri, until now, are the institutional corridors striving to secure the nation. As long as they play their roles, there will be no room for chaos," he remarked.

Sjaf further called on the public to exercise patience for the commission's official decision on the winner of the 2019 Presidential Election. This also holds true for each team supporting the victory of the two presidential and vice presidential camps.

"I think each team must exercise restraint and await the KPU's decision. This is since the KPU has legitimate authority to take a decision on who the winner or loser is," he noted.

In the meantime, until this morning, the recapitulation process of ballots for the 2019 election had only reached the village level. Chairman of the Bogor City KPU Samsudin has made assurance that vote counting at the sub-district level will kick off today.

"Today, the recapitulation plenary meeting began at the PPK in six sub-districts of Bogor City," he added.

Translator: Eliswan Azly
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