Boyolali, Central Java (ANTARA) - The Indrokilo Botanical Park, newly inaugurated in Boyolali, Central Java Province, will help strengthen biological diversity (biodiversity) conservation efforts in Indonesia, according to Enny Sudarmonowati, deputy in charge of biology of the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI).

"LIPI is proud of Indrokilo Boyolali, which is the 12th regional botanic garden to be officiated," she said, following the inauguration of the Indrokilo Botanical Garden, here, Friday.

A botanical garden always provides livelihoods to the community at large. It has five functions, notably for plant conservation, research, environmental study, tourism and environmental services.

She pointed out that Indonesia's oldest botanical gardens—Bogor and Cibodas—have significantly contributed to the nation and other Southeast Asian countries.

The Bogor Botanical Garden was the first to receive oil palm trees from Africa, which later spread across Indonesia and even to Malaysia. Kina tree or Cinshona sp, which is used to treat malaria, had arrived for the first time in the Cibodas Botanical Garden.

LIPI hopes that other botanical gardens in Indonesia could also play significant roles and provide concrete benefits.

"Take for instance the Bogor Botanical Garden; there are seven springs which are still well preserved," she said.

Indrokilo Botanical Garden located in an area measuring 8.9 hectares was developed in 2016 at a cost of Rp40 billion.

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