Jakarta (ANTARA) - The political atmosphere is all charged up, as May 22, 2019, draws closer, when Indonesia's General Election Commission (KPU) is obliged to announce the results of the general and presidential elections held on Apr 17.

The presidential race fielded two pairs -- serial number 01 Joko Widodo-Ma'ruf Amin and his rival opponent Prabowo Subianto-Sandiaga Salahudin Uno with serial number 02. However, one of the camps yet appears deeply dissatisfied and continues to make attempts to garner support and sympathy of the public.

On a nearly daily basis, Indonesians are bombarded with news of how busy the supporters of the two pairs are in persistently throwing up issues and/or "gossip" regarding the greatness and strengths of their heroes. If this is the case, they will forget the principle of "Ready to Win and Get Lost."

Competition in any field, be its sports, arts, or others, almost always entails one emerging first -- the winner -- and the other coming second, commonly known as the "runner-up."

Hence, one needs to come to terms with the fact that only one presidential and vice presidential candidate pair will emerge victorious in this presidential election, while the other pair will be ranked second.

Indonesians have, on the whole, been able to speculate who can become the head of state, starting October 20, 2019, for the next five years. However, regrettably, prior to the KPU's announcement, various issues have continued to surface.

During the last few days in Jakarta, in particular, and in the country, in general, news was circulating of a politician calling the Constitutional Court (MK) "useless."

In fact, it is known that the highest state institution in the field of law has always conducted open and independent hearings to offer greater clarity to every Indonesian citizen to stay abreast of the happenings.

If the politicians say it is true that the Constitutional Court "is of no use," on the contrary, the people would have been aware of how many of their brothers and sisters had complained about the problem, particularly in the field of law. It turned out that the Constitutional Court's decision was practically followed and obeyed.

In the meantime, another politician has appealed to the public not to pay taxes to the government that will rule for the next five years on grounds that the president and vice president for the next five-year term is invalid and not legitimate.

Both politicians are free to express their views on any aspect, especially concerning legal matters.

However, do you realize or are they aware of the fact that some Indonesians have merely received junior high school education and are not even graduates? For several Indonesians, the most important areas of concern are to have money to provide food for themselves and their family members, be able to receive education at school, and have decent housing.

Without intending to demean the countrymen and the political problem is the matter of numbers, or last.


As aforementioned, it can be stated that the basic outlook of "Ready to Win and Ready to Lose" must be recognized by all politicians, especially those who have now become honorable representatives of the people in Senayan, Jakarta.

Any politician from any political party and coalition should realize that victory and also defeat in the election and the five-year legislative elections are two sides of the same coin.

If the results of the elections in both the 2019 Presidential Election and Pileg (Legislative elections) have been announced by the KPU, opportunities to win in 2024 are still wide open, especially with Joko Widodo, who has confirmed that he does not have the burden to advance in the next five years.

According to regulations, every Indonesian citizen can be a president for a maximum of two times.

Vice President Mohammad Jusuf Kalla, however, has demonstrated that he was not keen to submit a judicial review to the Constitutional Court to become the "second person" for the third time in the government of the Republic of Indonesia.

Hence, the country's politicians need to be aware of learning to speak not from sound (asbun). Do you realize that many citizens do not intend to hear speeches or sayings of politicians that are in the same class.

The community is truly looking for politicians who are in tune with the hardships and difficulties faced by people, such as in the fields of economy, socio-culture, and education, which are directly linked to the lives of most in the Unitary Republic of Indonesia.

Most Indonesians do not need the big talks of politicians, especially those that only relate to general elections held every five years.

Hence, while the Indonesian KPU will only declare the results of the recapitulation or vote count on May 22, then politicians, who have said "as much as their own stomachs," should stop speaking at will. Moreover, no less than 662 officers from the Voting Organizing Group (KPPS) died including some 29 members of the National Police and three TNI soldiers, who had lost their lives while fulfilling the country's duties.

The Indonesian people are looking for a president, vice president, and members of the DPD, DPR, provincial DPRD, regencies, and cities that are trustworthy, honest, and be able to match up to the people's expectations.

No more representatives of the people, who sit in Senayan, Jakarta, and then talk in a "manly" tone despite being fired or dismissed by his political party. Are the leaders ready to fulfill the people's mandate?

Editor: Sri Haryati
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