Nat'l Police's budget in 2020 stands at Rp111,42 trillion : institute

Nat'l Police's budget in 2020 stands at Rp111,42 trillion : institute

Jakarta (ANTARA) -
The Indonesian Police Strategic Study Institute (Lemkapi) has stated that the National Police budget proposal of Rp111.42 trillion for 2020 submitted to the House of Representatives Commission III is realistic in allowing the police to face increasingly difficult tasks and answer the high expectations of the community towards the National Police.

"In 2020, the task of the National Police is increasingly difficult. The spread of radicalism, intolerance, political conflict, the spread of drugs and terrorism still remain a threat to society and become the important duty of the Police in the future." said Lemkapi Executive Director Dr. Edi Hasibuan here on Wednesday.

According to Edi, the development of regional, national and global situations will influence the Indonesian people in the future.

The proposed budget can be understood if you look at the budget posture, namely the employee budget of Rp50.20 trillion, goods expenditure of Rp39.06 trillion and capital expenditure of Rp22.15 trillion, said Edi.

"Our calculation is not much different from the proposal of the National Police Headquarters. To have a professional police force, the ratio of the salary and operational budget of the Indonesian National Police must be 50:50," said Edi.

In 2019, the National Police budget was Rp86.2 trillion, while in 2018 the National Police budget was 95.0 trillion.