We recorded as many as 6,142 passport applications were suspended due to the allegation of being recruited for non-procedural Indonesian migrant workers
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Indonesian Directorate General of Immigration saved 6,941 Indonesians from potentially falling victim to the criminal act of human trafficking during 2019.

"We recorded as many as 6,142 passport applications were suspended over allegation of recruitment for non-procedural Indonesian migrant workers, cumulatively recorded at 125 immigration offices," Director General of Immigration, Ronny F. Sompie, noted in a statement received here on Tuesday.

Apart from the suspension of passports, the Directorate also conducted "on-the-spot checking" that resulted in 799 Indonesian residents' foreign departures from airports, ports, as well as land borders being suspended.

While suspending several passport applications and departures, the Directorate General of Immigration issued 3,191,467 passport books from across 125 immigration offices and 66 representative offices.

The monitoring process of immigration is not solely for Indonesian residents but also applied for foreigners staying in Indonesia.

The administrative law enforcement against immigration violations, including deportation, deterrence, and cancellation of residential permit, were recorded with as many as 6,933 cases, in which China’s residents constituted the highest number, reaching 916, followed by 560 Nigerians, 412 Afghans, and 398 Bangladeshi people, while Malaysia came fifth, with 203 people.

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