The vessel was seized and secured in Semau Island since 2017, while in December 2019, water began permeating the body, so it sank.
Kupang (ANTARA) - A Timor Leste-flagged Chinese fishing vessel Fu Yuan Yu 831, seized by Indonesia’s authority over poaching in the maritime border territory, was sunk in Semau Island's sea of Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) Province.

"The vessel was seized and secured in Semau Island since 2017, while in December 2019, water had begun permeating the body, and thus, it sank," Mubarak, head of the Maritime and Fishery Resources Monitoring Station of Kupang, confirmed on Friday.

According to Mubarak’s assumption, the 598-GT tonnage vessel's hull diminished, whereas it should have be changed annually. He added that the weather during the rainy season had been a contributing factor.

The State Prosecutor's Office of Kupang planned to bring the vessel to an auction after its legal process was completed. On the other hand, the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries urged to transfer the vessel to Pangandaran, West Java, and showcase it at a museum.

However, the vessel had already sunk, and the related authorities are currently working on hauling the body out of water.

China's Fu Yuan Yu 831 vessel was secured in late November of 2017 while conducting illegal fishing in Indonesia's Exclusive Economic Zone in the maritime border territory of Timor Leste.

The authority also arrested 21 vessel crew members along with some 30 tons of fish as evidence.

Weng Shi Yi, its captain, and Li Zhaofeng, head of the engine room, were held as suspects in connection with this case. They were found guilty and had to pay Rp100 million, or some US$7,300, as fine while their vessel was also seized.
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