I laud all innovations created by the traffic corps.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Indonesian Police Chief General Idham Azis inaugurated the Indonesia Safety Driving Center (ISDC) at the Serpong Traffic Education Center, South Tangerang Municipality, Banten Province, Tuesday, to curb traffic accidents mostly caused by driver error.

"I laud all innovations created by the traffic corps," he stated.

ISDC is a center for learning and exercising safe driving and conducting research and development on driving safety and drivers' behaviors. In addition, the ISDC can function as a venue for road safety-related exhibitions and conferences.

Chief of the Traffic Corps Inspector General Istiono stated that the ISDC aims to implement the mandate of the traffic law aimed at improving the quality of safety, reducing the number of fatalities, and building traffic discipline.

The ISDC has been established in response to rising concern over the high road accident rate.

Traffic accidents in Indonesia mostly involved people in the age group of 14 and 39 years, constituting 58 percent of the total traffic accidents.

Istiono remarked that human negligence was behind almost 90 percent of traffic accidents in the country.

"The ISDC has grown and developed to curb the high number of accidents in Indonesia that claimed the lives of some 30 thousand people every year or 60 to 80 people every day, not to mention those who are handicapped," he added. Related news: Jokowi urges Indonesian millennials to be safe while driving
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