We'd like to increase the number of security officers, tools, and strengthen our system,
Jakarta (ANTARA) -

The Transportation Ministry of Indonesia has taken steps to block the spread of the coronavirus by adding manpower and supporting facilities at the country’s ports, after President Joko Widodo announced that two Indonesians have been infected with COVID-19, an official said here today.

"We'd like to increase the number of security officers, tools, and strengthen our system," the ministry's director general of road transportation, Budi Setiyadi, said in Jakarta, while calling upon his counterparts in the Ministry of Health to begin identifying locations prone to the virus spreading.

After the president confirmed the first case of COVID-19 in Indonesia, many suggested that the authority begin spraying disinfectants inside public transportation vehicles. Following the suggestion, Setiyadi said the ministry will consider the plan.

"We'll have a meeting first, but that's good advice," he added.

Two Indonesian nationals, a 64-year old mother and her 31-year old daughter, have been confirmed as having contracted the coronavirus infection.

"Last week, we received a report that a Japanese resident had travelled to Indonesia and then headed to Malaysia, and there he tested positive for coronavirus. Our team had tracked this person's activities when he was here," Jokowi stated in Jakarta. "We found that the Japanese was in contact with two Indonesians, who had later tested positive for the infection caused by the virus," he added.

The two infected Indonesians are residents of Depok, a city in West Java province.


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